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Anamaria Marinca is forging a reputation for putting us through the emotional mill. In the gruelling television series Sex Traffic, the young Romanian played a victim of the modern-day slave trade that forces eastern European women into prostitution. Okay, she followed that with a turn in the frivolous Hotel Babylon, but now we’re back on tenterhooks with her first film role. Set in Romania during the repressive Ceausescu regime, 4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days concerns a young woman’s nightmarish attempt to help her friend arrange an illegal abortion. Nail-biting simply doesn’t cover it.

Marinca was 11 in 1989, when communism fell. “It’s difficult to believe, now, that these things were possible. If I had been older, this could have happened to me. (Cititi tot articolul semnat de Demetrios Matheou in Sunday Times din 6 ianuarie 2008.)

Anamaria MarincaAnamaria Marinca 

Sex Traffic (2004)
4 luni, 3 saptamâni si 2 zile (2007)
Tinerete fara tinerete (2007)

Intr-o lume nebuna, in care stirile cu si despre români sunt negative intr-o proportie covârsitoare, iata ca mai apare si câte o raza de speranta. Incet, incet, descopera si Europa ca nu toti suntem hoti, violatori, criminali, mincinosi, lenesi, lepre sau corupti.

Iti multumim, Anamaria, pentru tot ceea ce faci (si faci bine), dar si pentru ca ne mai speli obrajii atât de patati de necivilizatia prea multor hahalere care inca bântuie nestingherite prin lumea larga.

Cu stima, Dan Costinas

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