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Stephen King


Margaret Eleanor Atwood
(n. în 18 noiembrie 1939)

As all historians know, the past is a great darkness, and filled with echoes. Voices may reach us from it; but what they say to us is imbued with the obscurity of the matrix out of which they come; and, try as we may, we cannot always decipher them precisely in the clearer light of our own day.

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Frase del Día: Carlos Fuentes

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Carlos Fuentes


Carlos Fuentes
(n. în 11 noiembrie 1928 – d. în 15 mai 2012)

Él tiene derecho a no leerme a lo que no tiene derecho es a querer ser presidente a partir de la ignorancia, esto es lo grave, no que no haya leído un libro mío, sino que demuestra su ignorancia.

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Ramón María del Valle-Inclán y de la Peña
(n. în 28 octombrie 1866 – d. în 5 ianuarie 1936)

En el jardín las fuentes repatían el comentario voluptuoso que parecen hacer a todo pensamiento de amor, sus voces eternas y juveniles.

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Quote of the Day: Stephen King

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Stephen King


Stephen King
(n. în 21 septembrie 1947)

Denial gives way to acceptance; acceptance breeds dependence. Anyone who’s ever cared for a terminal patient will tell you that, too. Sick people need someone who will bring them their pills and glasses of cold sweet juice to wash them down with. They need someone to soothe their aching joints with arnica gel. They need someone to sit with them when the night is dark and the hours stretch out. They need someone to say, Sleep now, it will be better in the morning. I’m here, so sleep. Sleep now. Sleep and let me take care of everything.

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Quote of the Day: Ray Bradbury

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Ray Bradbury

Ray Douglas Bradbury (n. 22 august 1920 – d. 5 iunie 2012
(n. în 22 august 1920 – d. în 5 iunie 2012)

I don’t believe in optimism. I believe in optimal behavior. That’s a different thing. If you behave every day of your life to the top of your genetics, what can you do? Test it. Find out. You don’t know—you haven’t done it yet. You must live life at the top of your voice! At the top of your lungs shout and listen to the echoes. I learned a lesson years ago. I had some wonderful Swedish meatballs at my mother’s table with my dad and my brother and when I finished I pushed back from the table and said, God! That was beautiful. And my brother said, No, it was good. See the difference?

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Quote of the Day: Alice Munro

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Alice Munro

Alice Ann Munro
(n. în 10 iulie 1931)

A story is not like a road to follow… It’s more like a house. You go inside and stay there for a while, wandering back and forth and settling where you like and discovering how the room and corridors relate to each other, how the world outside is altered by being viewed from these windows. And you, the visitor, the reader, are altered as well by being in this enclosed space, whether it is ample and easy or full of crooked turns, or sparsely or opulently furnished. You can go back again and again, and the house, the story, always contains more than you saw the last time. It also has a sturdy sense of itself of being built out of its own necessity, not just to shelter or beguile you.

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Svetlana AlexieviciSvetlana Alexandrovna Alexievici
(n. în 31 mai 1948)

I used to think I could understand everything and express everything. Or almost everything. I remember when I was writing my book about the war in Afghanistan, Zinky Boys, I went to Afghanistan and they showed me some of the foreign weapons that had been captured from the Afghan fighters. I was amazed at how perfect their forms were, how perfectly a human thought had been expressed. There was an officer standing next to me and he said, “If someone were to step on this Italian mine that you say is so pretty it looks like a Christmas decoration, there would be nothing left of them but a bucket of meat. You’d have to scrape them off the ground with a spoon.” When I sat down to write this, it was the first time I thought, “Is this something I should say?” I had been raised on great Russian literature, I thought you could go very very far, and so I wrote about that meat. But the Zone—it’s a separate world, a world within the rest of the world—and it’s more powerful than anything literature has to say.

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José Ignacio Javier Oriol Encarnación de Espronceda y Delgado
(n. în 25 martie 1808 – d. în 23 mai 1842)

Un grito de horror retumbó entonces sobre el estrépito de las armas y las voces de los combatientes; retiráronse amedrentados los dos padrinos, y el genio del mal (que tal parecía aquella fantasma), soltó una carcajada infernal, a tiempo que Leonor cayó en tierra anegada en su propia sangre. Este terrible suceso suspendió el combate y dejó a todos petrificados.

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Poema del Día: Rubén Darío

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Rubén Darío


Félix Rubén García Sarmiento (Rubén Darío)
(n. în 18 ianuarie 1867 – d. în 6 februarie 1916)

¡Gloria al buen catalán que hizo a la luz sumisa
jardinero de ideas, jardinero de sol
y al pincel y a la pluma y a la barba y a la risa
con que nos hace alegre la vida Rusiñol!

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La multi ani, Patroane!


Ion Luca Caragiale (nascut pe 1 februarie 1852 in Haimanale, judetul Prahova)

Akt de botez
La întâi ale lunii lui februarie anul o mie opt sute cincizeci şi doi au născut Iecaterina cu legiuitul dumisale soţ anume Dl Luca Caragiali ot mahalaua… oraşul… fiu, şi astăzi la şapte ale lunii lui februarie anul o mie opt sute cincizeci şi doi s-a botezat în legea pravoslavnică a Bisericii răsăritului, de subt-iscălitul preot al Bisericii satului Haimanale dânduise numele Ioan de naşul său Maria sin Caragiali din mahalaua… oraşul…
D: Maria Caragiali naşa
Preot Sterie Grecu
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Sa cresti mare, Maestre!

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Imi vin in minte armoniile ca unui poet versurile.
(Matei Bucur Mihaescu)

Titlul articolului pare absurd, la prima vedere, pentru cineva care nu stie despre ce e vorba. Din cel putin doua motive:
1) Se presupune ca un Maestru e neaparat si “mare”; atunci de ce sa mai creasca?
2) Urarea “Sa cresti mare!” se adreseaza de regula unui copil, nu?
Inainte de a va lamuri ce e cu titlul, ingaduiti-mi sa mai pun o ultima intrebare: Oare ce poate fi in sufletul si in mintea unui copil de 12 ani, atunci când sute de persoane – cred ca binisor inspre o mie, inclusiv un Prim-ministru – il aplauda IN PICIOARE, minute in sir?!
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