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The Romanian Of The Day

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Anamaria Marinca is forging a reputation for putting us through the emotional mill. In the gruelling television series Sex Traffic, the young Romanian played a victim of the modern-day slave trade that forces eastern European women into prostitution. Okay, she followed that with a turn in the frivolous Hotel Babylon, but now we’re back on tenterhooks with her first film role. Set in Romania during the repressive Ceausescu regime, 4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days concerns a young woman’s nightmarish attempt to help her friend arrange an illegal abortion. Continuare »


Centenar: Boul si vitelul (ILC)

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Boul si vitelulUn bou, ca toţi boii puţin la simţire,
În zilele noastre de soart-ajutat…
Învaţă la şcoală cartea de cetire
Şi ajunse boul un bou învăţat.
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